2 – Prior to the Blog

Prior to starting this blog I have completed the proposal for my project which has outlined various topics which will need to be researched in order to create a successful artefact for the project.

I have not yet done much reseach, however I have prepared several important factors which need to be addressed to aid the reseach and development of the project. So far I have begun learning the Python programming language, as this is the language which I intend to use to create the product. I have never used this language before, however it seems quite simple to grasp. I have mainly been working on the syntax of the language as well as finding external libraries which could possibly be used in the product, specifically for Graphical User Interface design.

I have also been showing my project idea to multiple primary schools in the local area to try and gather interest in my project and find a school which is willing to allow me to carry my research out there. I have finally found an ideal school which is within walking distance of the University and has ties to members of staff who have taught me in the past. The head teacher seems interested, and has suggested several other problems which their school has which could be incorperated into the design of my product.

Preparations have been done to acquire the hardware which is needed for this project. I have asked the university for access to a Raspberry Pi, which is what I hope to develop my game for, unless the school decides that it is better on another platform when I carry out my research.


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